how to install drivers on ESXi 5


My prefered method for updating drivers on vmware ESX is to use update manager. Download the driver Extract the zip file upload the offline bundle through update manager attach it to a baseline scan enter maintenance mode remediate reboot Easy as pie. You can even add the Dell repository to install and update the OMSA […]

Convert vmware vmdk files to hyperv vhd


We are just moving into the hyperv world and I don’t have SCVMM setup yet. I have a ESXi 4.1 host at a remote site and a new hyperv 2012 server. The hardware is dying on the ESXi so I need to move those vms to hyperv. A little research today and I found a […]

Two helpful powershell scripts I used this weekend


This weekend I needed to clean up some old smtp domains from our exchange 2010 server. I found  Mike Pfeiffer’s powershell script to remove smtp addresses from exchange and it worked great. Here’s the link to his script I also added two new ESXi servers to our cluster. We only have Enterprise edition licenses so I […]

how to add drivers to ESXi


I seem to keep needing to do this so I thought I’d write up a very quick post so Its easier to find next time. I’ve had to do this for our QLogic CNA and installing Dell mib files. You need to install the vmware CLI on your workstation. start the vmware cli and I […]

VStorage API’s for Array Integration (VAAI) explained

We are going though a storage refresh and talking to many different storage vendors. Seems like some of the smaller vendors aren’t even sure what VAAI is (they don’t get a second conf call) Here’s a nice video from VMware explaining the basics of VAAI. I found another good post explaining the features of VAAI, […]

How to upgrade to VMware vCenter Server 4.1 using the Data Migration tool

http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1022137 This video describes the process for using the Data Migration tool to upgrade VMware vCenter Server 4.1. VMware vCenter 4.1 is part of the VMware vSphere 4.1 product suite. The Data Migration tool allows you to migrate vCenter Server 4.0 configuration. The Data Migration tool is provided with your vCenter Server 4.1 installation media. […]

Basic steps to upgrade to vSphere

Jason Boche posted this picture to twitter of very basic steps to upgrade to vSphere   (Why does twitpic crop the picture when you embedd the picture?) I still haven’t even started to plan my upgrade to V4. I still need to make sure my hardware will support it.

Performance Best Practices for VMware vSphere 4.0

Image via Wikipedia In the next 2 or 3 months I’ll move my ESX 3.5 servers and VCenter to the vSphere, this document looks like a good place to start to make sure I get everything setup correctly. Right now I have 5 ESX servers in the data center and 4 small ESX deployments at […]

VMWare users check this out

Image by sunsurfr via Flickr I was reading through my rss feeds this weekend and came across a post entitled ‘The best thing I’ve found all year….’ by one of the top vm bloggers. So I had to check it out. He was posting about a Dell tool that allows you to extend the file […]

VDI – vmare vs citrix

We ended up going with a small vmware view deployment because we already had ESX and got a better deal on view. But the project was rushed and its not installed or configured optimally (not the project leads fault) We are not using shared clones and not redirecting profiles or user data. I’ve been reading […]

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