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Category: News

Lazy Sunday

I SO cannot wait until football starts. I mowed on Saturday, I’m sure there is more we could do on Sunday’s, but I like the idea of doing
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Firefox extensions I use at home

Enabled Extensions: (17) Adblock Bandwidth Tester 0.5.5 0.4 Download Manager Tweak 0.6.6 downTHEMall! 0.9.4 Enhanced History Manager Foxylicious 0.3 Gmail Notifier 0.4.3 GSuggest 0.1 IE
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My next phone?

The samsung i730 looks sweet, my only question is will is support the new windows mobile 5.0? Verizon will be selling this unit WITH wifi !!! Skype, here
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What a week

Monday we had a domain control go down, because of bad memory. It wasn’t allows crashing at the same time (during boot, during logon, in windows,etc) and our
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Now its working

I use w.bloggar to post 99% of the time. w.bloggar only lets you ping one site when you post so I chose to use ping-o-matic. But somewhere along
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