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Category: News

2D art that looks 3D

These are so cool, too bad they will be gone with the first rain. 3D Chalk art I’m not much of an art person, but I would love
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Great Sunday

What a great Sunday, get up goto church. Come home and watch football all day long AND the Lions WON!!!! Superbowl here we come!!!! Yeah right. I just
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I’ve been using the outlook SpamBayes plug-in V.1.0.4, but on They list version 1.1a1 on the download page. Has anyone tried this version? Since there is no
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China Day 3

Not too good. I started getting sick yesterday afternoon. My stomach had one of the worse pains I have every felt in it. I skipped dinner and just
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Greetings from china

That’s right I’m in China! I’m here to help setup a network at our china location. I left Saturday morning and we didn’t get into our hotel until
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RSS Bandit

I’ve been using rss bandit for awhile now and I’ve been very happy. But starting last week, it starting maxing out my CPU. I’ve posted to their support
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