Two helpful powershell scripts I used this weekend

This weekend I needed to clean up some old smtp domains from our exchange 2010 server. I foundMike Pfeiffer’s powershell script to remove smtp addresses from exchange and it worked great. Here’s the link to his script

I also added two new ESXi servers to our cluster. We only have Enterprise edition licenses so I can’t usedistributedswitches. I found a powercli script from vitual-al that will copy the vswitch configuration from one ESXi host to another. It doesn’t attach networkadaptersor create vmkernel ports, but those are easy to setup after the script runs.

I just wanted to say thinks for the scripts that were very useful this weekend :)


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  1. I prefer if you write some blog article on Alternate to CPanel with DEMO… as most of VPS is charging for Cpanel

    1. thanks for the comment, not sure how VPS and Cpanel relates to this post. But hey.
      I have been looking to move to a VPS from shared hosting and virtualmin was recommended. I haven’t tried it yet but will create a post from it when I do.
      the link is
      jayb recently to install drivers on ESXi 5My Profile

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